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Powerline Shell

Powerline shell is a powerline style prompt for your terminal.

To install it on Arch you have to download and install it from the aur.

  git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/powerline-shell.git
  cd powerline-shell
  makepg -si

It’s also possible to install it through pip.

  pip install powerline-shell

Open .bashrc inside a text editor and add.

  function _update_ps1() {
    PS1=$(powerline-shell $?)

  if [[ $TERM != linux && ! $PROMPT_COMMAND =~ _update_ps1 ]]; then

Create a directory and generate a config file.

  mkdir -p ~/.config/powerline-shell && \
  powerline-shell --generate-config > ~/.config/powerline-shell/config.json

There is also powerline10k for zsh

Last updated on 12 Jul 2020
Published on 12 Jul 2020