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How to create a debian deb file

We can make a simple script and save it as hello-world.sh.


echo "Hello World!"

Then you we can create a directory and call it hello-world, and create the directory where we want the script to be installed, and move the script there.

mkdir -p hello-world/usr/bin
mv hello-world.sh hello-world/usr/bin/

After we need to create the control file

mkdir -p hello-world/DEBIAN
touch hello-world/DEBIAN/control
cat <<EOT >> hello-world/DEBIAN/control
Package: hello-world
Version: 1.0.0
Maintainer: Flaxplax
Architecture: amd64
Section: misc
Priority: optional
Description: Hello world script

Now we will change permissions on the directory and build the deb package

chmod 755 -R hello-world
dpkg-deb --build hello-world

We can now install the deb package and run the program

dpkg -i hello-world.deb

Hello World!

Title: Deb

Author: Flaxplax

Publish Date: 4, May 2024

Last updated: 4, May 2024