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Simple service

To create a simple service. First enter system’s service folder.

cd /lib/systemd/system

Create a file named after you service

touch <your-service-name>.service

Template for service

Description=<description about this service>

User=<user e.g. root>
WorkingDirectory=<directory_of_script e.g. /root>
ExecStart=<script which needs to be executed>


After you added your service file you may need to reload systemd-daemon

systemctl daemon-reload

After the daemon has been reloaded you can start your service

systemctl start <your-service-name>.service

If you want your service to start on boot you can enable it

systemctl enable <your-service-name>.service

Title: Systemd

Author: Flaxplax

Publish Date: 25, Dec 2021

Last updated: 12, Apr 2024