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Install with docker convenient script

This is the install script from the docker docs

curl -fsSL https://get.docker.com -o get-docker.sh
sudo sh get-docker.sh


docker run
# is used to run docker containers

docker run $image:$tag
# use a tag to run a specific version

docker run -d
# will run the container in detached mode
# the container will run in the background

docker run -it
# will make you have interactive mode with input to the container

docker run -p 80:8080
# will map port 80 to access the container with its internal port of 8080

docker run -v /opt/datadir:/var/lib/mysql mysql
# will mount the container data in a persistent volume

docker inspect $container_name
# will give you your container info

docker logs $container_name
# will show your docker logs

docker attach $docker_id
# will attach to a container running in the background

docker ps
# list containers and will give some basic information

docker ps -a
# list all running and exited containers

docker stop $container_name_or_id
# will stop container

docker rm $container_name_or_id
# will remove a container permanently

docker images
# will show docker images

docker rmi $image_or_id
# will remove the image
# you will have to remove a container using the image to remove the image

docker pull $image
# will download an docker image

docker exec $container cat /etc/hosts
# to execute a command in a docker container

docker system prune -a
# to delete all unused data


Here you can find sites to find docker images:

linuxserver fleet

docker hub

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Publish Date: 10, Apr 2021

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